Adopt-A-Cop Program

We are proud to be the FIRST BJJ gym in Lynchburg to offer the Adopt-A-Cop program.

The Adopt-A-cop program is an amazing non-profit program from MASF that allows active duty law enforcement to apply for and be given sponsorships to train BJJ at no charge at an Adopt-A-Cop affiliate gym from White Belt until they are promoted to Blue Belt.

We are firm believers that BJJ helps make policing safer for both citizens and law enforcement, and there is now a study that provides empirical evidence supporting that from the Marietta, Georgia Police Department.

From the study:

MPD officers participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) training, as compared to their coworkers electing to NOT participate, had the following statistics for 2020:

  • 48% reduction of injuries to officers using force
  • 53% reduction of injuries to the person being arrested when force was required
  • 23% reduction of use of Taser

Everyone benefits from better training for law enforcement, and we’re proud to offer training that makes the world a better and safer place for everyone.